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DJ_m, post: 70504 wrote:
You’ll find there are already significant trade routes between Vietnam and Australia. Trying to import directly would be too costly as you can’t get any economies of scale with just one producer (your family business). You would be better finding an importer who would be willing to take your products in to an established line of products.

Go in to any store that might sell these type of products and look at the labels on the products, they will nearly always have the importer name, address and phone number. Contact them to see if they will import your products for you. The margin will be much less but you don;t have to worry about sales, marketing etc.

Good luck.


i already thought about it. But Im afraid there are many procedure and law that I have to due before I meet any supplier or retailer. Therefore, I would like to know more detail about those procedure in case supplier and retailer may ask in advance. I also attempt to seek for some agent who could deal with these matter but unsuccessful. I also found in the internet a course for import/export business. This is a seft-study course which cost me about 200 AUD for just download the material. Should i sign in for that or can I just found what i need in the internet?…Thanks