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thanhdao, post: 71056 wrote:
i already thought about it. But Im afraid there are many procedure and law that I have to due before I meet any supplier or retailer. Therefore, I would like to know more detail about those procedure in case supplier and retailer may ask in advance. I also attempt to seek for some agent who could deal with these matter but unsuccessful. I also found in the internet a course for import/export business. This is a seft-study course which cost me about 200 AUD for just download the material. Should i sign in for that or can I just found what i need in the internet?…Thanks

$200 sounds cheap but only if you get the information you need. Information on SEO can easily be found online for free but getting it in a usable, well ordered format for $200 would be money well spent. You’d have to asses the merits of any individual program/book/course. I would be wary of online courses on the whole but if you research well you should be ok.

I think though your main thing to consider here is that if you are going to import directly you need customers. Learning the ins & outs of procedures and laws for importing food products may be the easy part… but where are you going to sell your product? Until you have done your market research and believe you can secure orders then the rest may just be a waste of time.