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Matt Hanson
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JaneB, post: 71135 wrote:
Yes – it was easier to read on the website. Glad that you have changed to “fees”.

Ph–eeeeew! That’s a lot of writing.

All it said on my site when I had one was

Fees are due at the beginning of the first lesson of the month.
They are based on the number of lesson days in the month minus public holidays.
There are no refunds for cancelled lessons.

…and everything else was verbal.

However – I’ll have a think about what you’ve written and respond tomorrow.

It would be good to get some input from some prospective students or parents of students.

yes it’s a lot of writing. I guess im technical minded and appreciate it when things are transparent. Id appreciate reading all that as a customer. Maybe I should simplify it and allow for a show more info section. and hand out a print out when they sing up for lesson one :o)