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Joanna Sherwell
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Burgo, post: 70367 wrote:
I dont think you need a coach…..you sound like you need a business manager

A coach will talk with you and prompt ideas which you follow through….a business manager will make your ideas happen. :)

Hi Burgo, thanks for your comment. i agree, i have ideas coming out my ears and certainly dont need to be motivated to follow through, i just need to know when and how to implement the ideas to achieve the growth i want. Is there such a thing as a business manager for hire?

As more clarification for people- i have a new product in my mural business i want to launch in certain suburbs of Melb, as a product i can systemise and outsource to my team, while i focus on my much larger corporate contracts. So the coaching would be projectised i guess- advice i need for sytemising and turning over this product asap, and then id start a new chunk of coaching for my next business need.