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seowarlock, post: 70463 wrote:
Hey Jay-T,

I was personally against cold calling because I considered it to be rude but I guess if your doing it the way you said to do it it’s perfectly polite and acceptable. I love it.

Yeah Cold Calling is cool… Would be a great t-shirt not sure if I would have the guts to wear it down the street though.


I remember hearing about a guy Gary Halbert (legendary copywriter) who used to wear a “Clients Suck” cap! LOL

He’d wear it at his seminars…legend.

One of the first clients I worked with was in SEO and she used to do sales calls and I helped her win a $48k per year account by reinventing her sales process so that it was more “ergonomic” for her and her prospect…she was pretty happy :)

The first goal when cold calling is to not create more resistance than there needs to be which is the problem with traditional selling…cold calling isn’t necessarily “hard”…the approach you use determines how hard or easy it can be.

Want a hard day cold calling? Then simply do the following:

  • Assume that everyone you call on needs your solution.
  • Counter every objection they come up with so they feel humiliated and dumb.
  • Use greasy “closing techniques”.
  • Don’t accept a “no” until you hear it at least 8 times.

Want an easy cold calling session? Then simply do the following:

  • Acknowledge the fact that you’re solution isn’t right for everyone and only a very small handful on any given day will be interested in meeting with you.
  • If they object to anything then that probably means that they’re not qualified and not ready for your solution – try again another time.
  • Don’t use closing techniques…the prospect already knows that they interested in the first few seconds of your opening so if you’re solution is right for them then the close will happen naturally.
  • Be okay with hearing “no” and trust that at that moment in time they “think” that they don’t need it – regardless if they need it or not it’s for them to decide not you.

In short: be “user-friendly”.

Be polite and respectful and call them back at a later time to check up on them to see if their situation has changed at all.