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onsiteTECHS, post: 70611 wrote:
If it were necessary to put a disclaimer on every communication, would we also need to put one on every envelope we send? Every SMS message we type? Every Twitter post? Lets draw the line somewhere in the vicinity of common sense!

This raises an interesting point. Is all this disclaimer-love a reaction to new forms of communication?

Lawyers never ever put disclaimers on letters. It would just be silly.

Enter the fax machine and suddenly it’s necessary to put confidentiality notices and general claims of privilege on all outgoing correspondence sent using this new fandangly technology (and yes, a lot of law firms still do this).

And just when we thought it was safe to pick up our fountain pens, along comes email (‘e-mail’) and holy cow we better double the length of the disclaimer and put stuff in about liability and negligence and viruses. And we better tell our clients to do the same.

And yet our letters, which are more likely to have actual content that could result in a negligence claim, or that could actually be highly confidential or privileged, get sent without a whisper of a disclaimer.

onsiteTECHS, post: 70611 wrote:
Victor – you’re my hero too!
Wow, feeling the love. :-)