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Hi Adam,

Have you worked with a business coach before?

I work with one monthly, and can’t really see how I could pay them commission….

It’s the job of a business coach to guide you and give you a fresh, unbiased view on things. Yes, they can think of ideas, but they aren’t graphic designers and marketing people, so even the best idea isn’t necessarily going to bring in a huge amount of $$ if you don’t have other resources to draw on for an effective campaign (be it a business restructure or an ad campaign for example).

Often, they can steer you towards people who may be able to help in these areas, but I don’t think they can be solely responsible for how you carry out your business.

My BC has worked out a whole new branch for my business, and then called some people who have done the same and asked them to chat to me. Without this outside advise, I would be clueless! Also, whilst she thought of the idea, it’s my job to put it in place. If I choose stock that isn’t what customers are looking for, or if my graphic designer is crap, I cant blame her for those things.

BC’s are sounding boards for ideas, and people that can lead you in the right direction, whilst giving calculated, unbiased opinions to you for both the long and short term.