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Hi Teenz,

I have tried to ‘attach’ a document here in the hopes it would be of assistance, but think it’s too big. Our office has published a few checklists for starting up new businesses – see http://www.australiantrademarks.com.au/BusinessChecklists.php. These go over a few things you will need to do as well as some ‘ideas’ on other things to consider depending on the type of business you are setting up (certain industries will require you to have permits or similar, such as liquor related etc). Hope they give you some food for thought! As Suzanne mentioned, an accountant will be able to help in determining best structure for your business or company, and likely be able to help in a few other areas.

http://www.business.gov.au is a good resource (this is a government site) that also provides links to checklists, forms and links to other useful sites and information (for example for information about registrations and licences you may require etc). Specifically, they have information about finding a business loan at http://www.business.gov.au/Howtoguides/Startingabusiness/Startinganewbusiness/Pages/HowcanIfindabusinessloan.aspx

Hope the above helps – all the best moving forwards!