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My ideal program would allow me to export all my customers, products and sales in a defined period – typically monthly – and import it into MYOB, updating any fields automatically.

It would calculate the GST correctly (and MYOB has an issue with this in the way it works GST out) and recognise a credit card surcharge, or coupon discount and apply it/them.

I do not use inventory management, so I don’t need to deplete stock in either area (VM or MYOB).

I don’t really need live access to the website, once per month is fine. And being user-defined and a manual download, live communication in the background is not needed.

When updating products, it will identify an existing product and update it; price is my main change of product. The description may change, but the SKU shouldn’t. I also find that MYOB will put into quotes (” “) text such as product descriptions or client addresses. I guess this is when its not formatted right.

Customers likewise need to have new data updated. I don’t want to have duplicate products or customers because 1 criteria is different. Example; you change your email address but everything else stays the same. MYOB or this elusive program picks that up and says ‘ I’ll just update the email address for Fred Bloggs as he has changed it’

I generally change my description or pricing on the website and then update MYOB if needed. No use updating both as thats more work.

For the others offering new cloud systems or a whole new website; I really don’t need that as I’m not a tech head. I get by, but I don’t want to go and spend a lot of time and money investing in a whole new system that I have to spend time learning.

Webagility (http://www.webgility.com/quickbooks-integration-why-ecc.php) have a pretty good looking product for Quickbooks and I have to admit that I am seriously leaning towards them. Seems to be what I want/need.