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Thanks so much for the feedback – it’s really excellent – every point a good one that has reminded/prompted me about some of the details that are still to be added. Invaluable – thanks again. I’ve commecnted on your specific points below.

nevenkas5, post: 0 wrote:
I clicked on the get started now and registered. Not sure really happens thereafter. – Good point I’ll need to add a better thanks for signing up page that explains what happens next…

I clicked on the features tab and at the top there is a section for for the video to run but I click on the video and nothing happens. Perhaps there is something wrong? Video still to be added…

The link from the welcome email to the video tutorials also didn’t work. Another good catch – the original welcome email was written a while back 0 I really need to check back on what is says and where it links to

Also the ongoing costs for using the service past the free 100 messages are not clear. Is there a section of the site that I have missed? – No I need to make it clearer, there are no signup or ongoing fees – and message credits will be twenty cents each, purchased in blocks… more to be added to the site on that – thanks

Perhaps consider putting a telephone number on the page as well so if a prospective customer wanted to ask questions or get help to use the service they could find you easily. Will do

Warm regards,

Nevenka Sheridan
Regional Sales Manager