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Hi Phillipa

Is the debtor client who has been slack and not paid your bill a company, individual or other type of entity?

If it is a company, there are better and more effective ways of getting the debt paid which I can tell you more about.

Have dealt with the Small Claims Tribunal – the only problem (assuming that your slack client is an individual and not a company) is that even if you get judgment in your favour, enforcing the judgment debt is almost as difficult as trying to pursue the original debt and you may need to get a debt collector to actually try and get the judgment debt also.

You do pay the other party’s legal/filing costs (normally parties are self-represented so just filing costs) if you lose.

Particulary if your client is being evasive when you have tried to contact them, why don’t you just get the debt collector to write your letter of demand on your behalf. The debt collector should do this as part of their service and should not charge you an additional cost.

Good luck.

Hamid Mirza