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John C.
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Only you can decide whether the expense is justified, but in my experience the difference between a $99 model and a $400 model is like chalk and cheese. The more expensive models are far quieter, smoother, jam less often, are capable of shredding more pages at one time, do a better job of shredding envelopes, can shred credit cards and CD/DVDs, are capable of shredding for a longer duration before needing a break to cool the motor and often last much longer before failing.

The fact that you’re only one person is kind of irrelevant. How many pages are you likely to shred at one time? Per day? Per week?

If your documents are truly confidential, then cross shredding is essential. Ribbon shredded documents aren’t very difficult to put back together – obviously the risk of someone going to this trouble is less for a wedding celebrant than for a multi billion dollar bank!

Even cross shredding comes in different sizes – the smaller the better. Cross shredding also means that the waste takes up less space in your recycle bin.

Hope that helps.