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This one cuts 7 sheets per pass, 130 sheets per minute – cross cut – for $221. Fellows PowerShred DS 1 or $199 from Officeworks.

Or the Fellowes MicroShred MS-450Cs – at $423. 7 sheets per pass into 5/64 x 5/16″ micro-cut particles as fast as 60 sheets per minute. Ultra-quiet operation with virtually silent motor for use in shared spaces or cubicles

Now I’m confused the more expensive shredder has a slower cut rate? Ive been looking at the website trying to work it out.

The more expensive unit can shred for 12 consecutive minutes, while the cheaper model has no shred time. This would mean it is comparatively low.

So basically, if you have stacks of pages to shred, you want the 12 minute cut time. If its only a few sheets at a time, the cheaper model will suffice.