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stix, post: 71046 wrote:

I am looking to fly solo in the future as an accountant and am having a hard time coming up with a business name that isn’t already taken.

I am looking for something classy/clever/catchy and meaningful, but not Joe Bloggs & Associates.

Any great ideas are welcome. Services provided will be tax and business advisory, with the hope to have a more proactive approach with clients in all financial aspects of their business.

Thanks for any advice/ideas :)

Some advice.

It is worth considering a couple of things;

1. Ability to be found and understood should be paramount. Whilst the ‘The Small Business Tax & Business Advisory Pty Ltd’ may sound boring it says exactly what you do without further explanation which when it comes to marketing is worth a fortune. Additionally searches online for ‘Small Business & Tax Advisory’ will automatically give you a big boost in rankings (don’t count on this being the case forever).
2. Trademark and IP. It will be almost impossible for you to trademark ‘Small Business Tax & Business Advisory’ but easy to Trademark ‘Blue Fish Bizwiz’, one is generic the other isn’t. Trademark can offer national (and international) protection of your name in association of the services you offer.

When I set up my business I went for option 1 – no mistaking what we do – but it may be possible to do both. I think the benefits from having an understandable descriptive name far outweigh the disadvantage of limit in Trademark or poncy sounding arty names just to be clever.

You’ll likely be geographically focused so try building your business around that (again, this is good for search engines). ‘Melbourne Small Business Tax Advisory’ or ‘Parramatta Small Business Tax Advisory’ will do far more for generating business than ‘Blue Fish Bizwiz’.

There you go, three or four cents worth there.