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Hi Steve,

I agree with the previous posts re the length of copy on the home page. Difference to me is that I am a smoker who has recently decided it might be time to quite, and hypno therapy is a method/strategy my partner and I have been discussing (so, I would be interested to know more about your services in Melbourne, as it seems you are in Queensland?) – so, for me I have the incentive and interest to read perhaps a little more than non-smokers (obviously, your services are aimed at smokers so you are already capturing a particular audience who will have the desire to learn more) – however, even saying this – I did skip down pretty quickly and pretty much just read the bolded/headings etc rather than all the info.

I know you said that you don’t want to put too many buttons/links on your page, but I reckon it would like fine with a couple of extra buttons still, which might be able to reduce the home page text? Eg: maybe a separate link/page for the “How does this system work” information that currently is on the home page? – If this was a separate link that I could see immediately upon landing at your home page, I would likely click on that rather than keeping scrolling down until I came across it.

Apart from the length of text on the home page, I generally like the site – my only other comment on the ‘colours’ is that that some links show in quite a light aqua/blue kind of a colour, which is a little difficult to read at a glance.

If you could PM me with details of your network in Melbourne for consideration soon that would be great!

Thanks, Jacqui