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kryptoph, post: 71117 wrote:
I have been operating my business as a hobby for the last couple of years, now Im doing it very seriously.
Im currently doing a business plan, and Im struggling with how to do sales projections. Can anyone tell me where I can get some advice, hopefully online, please?


There is no magic formula. I work on seven years of data yet for Feb this year my sales were 25% over budget (yeh!) then for March they were 15% under budget (Boohhh!). So all you can do is make your best estimate on what you think you can do. Work out best case, probable and worst case figures. Then use a figure somewhere between probable and worst case to base your costings on. In the excitement of a new business people tend to be optimistic so be deliberately pessimistic in your costings to compensate for this.

At least you have 2 years of figures to start with. So use these and then add what you think you can acheive with a full time effort best/prob/worst.