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Couple It, post: 71254 wrote:
So, we all have crappy days every now and then. Those days when clients are rude, suppliers give you the runaround, computer crashes, and you end the day feeling like you’ve achieved nothing…sometimes all those things can happen in the ONE day…

My question is, when you work from home and don’t have someone to vent to, or the train/drive home time to unwind and let go, how do you chill at the end of a bad day so you don’t bring your bad mood onto your family?


I learn karate and find it very cathartic. Apart from the physical release of angry/nervous/upset energy, it also provides a social outlet to help take your mind off absolutely anything. I also have increased fitness, strength, flexibility and self defence, and an improved mental outlook on my whole life.
Last year I graded for and achieved my first dan black belt, all while working and looking after my family.
Sometimes, just going for a brisk walk can be enough to ease the tension – you don’t have to be an elite athlete to do that.