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Klublok, post: 71401 wrote:
If I was looking to advertise on your site, my No.1 question would be the number of visitors visiting your site per day. Essentially, I am looking for an ROI.

$30 per month might be worthwhile if I get a lot of exposure because your site gets a lot of visitors and your site has influence over your visitors. However if your site is new, or is merely pedestrian to visitors $30 per month may not be so great.

Other questions I would want to know:

1. who are your visitors, and where are they from;
2. how long do they stay on your site;
3. are they looking for information, or are they looking to buy;
4. do you have any stats on click through rates, conversion rates etc;


Thank you very, very much for your valued opinion. However, I was thinking of offering the advertising at $30 for six months (not $30 per month). This is purely because the site is relatively new. Does that sound more appealing?

I am getting a good number of hits per day already, and have already had customers who have bought via my site. I don’t want to put my stats in a public forum for obvious reasons, but I would be willing to give more information to any potential merchant advertiser.

Thanks again for your reply.