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Shane – CM Marketing
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I would have to agree that ROI is the main issue here. You could look at simailar sites in your niche and see what they charge vs the number of people on the site in a day.

Being a new site is never easy, so make sure you seo your site well and if you are unfamiliar with this side of things, consider empolying professional help.

$30 for six months is not expensive, if I can get $200-300 return my money in six months. So I suppose it really depends on what products I am selling. For me, 2-3 sales is all it would take.

I really like your site and the idea you have. Understanably you do not want to share actual stats here, but as Klublok said, that’s what it really comes down to. If you can afford it, I would offer the cheapest possible rate for six months, just to have the content and traffic.

I also could not find a “join” section. This is probably the most important factor to proving to advertisers that they can have ROI. You can say “we have 5000 members that receive a monthly newsletter etc etc”.

Part of that membership should ask questions that advertisers would like to know, like location, age, occupation, interests etc.
This can be hard because people need an incentive to join and answer these questions.

I hope that I have helped, best of luck!!