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I have been watching the posts fly around twitter about the guest speakers etc. and all the buzz about the boot camp.

I think trade booths, like TV advertising, and even newspaper to a certain extent can really only work as brand awareness. This of course does depend on your product, but overall, none of these provide instantaneous results for a one off hit, like people have become so used to in the online world.

Think about buying a mattress – Every week you get a pile of junk mail bundled up in your letterbox, which you pay little or no attention to at all (Am I the only one who actually enjoys having a good sift through this stuff – I actually removed the ‘no junk mail’ sticker when we moved in!) and then all of a sudden, you are in the market for a mattress, so you have a scan through, and sure enough, there is your local mattress company with their specials for this week.

It is about positioning and timing. Online, we rely on people to find us, because they are looking for a particular product, therefore your brand is only seen by those looking for your product right now. Which is all well and good apart from when they are looking, they might be thinking about the company they saw at the trade booth the other week, and how they actually got to have a look at their system, and well it seemed pretty good.

Of the businesses that use accounting software, would you say you have a big enough market share? And this is why you can’t rely on online alone.

Apologies for the waffling :)