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Captain Simmo, post: 71391 wrote:
Only way to find out what works is to do everything and test and measure the results… oh, and have a plan of how you will advertise to actually get clients before you spend thousands $$$ and say it doesn’t work.

Thanks so much for this post, very informative.

I’m not sure I understand how I can both ‘do everything and measure’ as well as ‘plan how you will advertise’ – is sounds a bit contradicting.
Or are you saying I need to plan the testing?

So say I have $10k to spend on marketing this year, should I try each and every one of these options, measure each for ROI (if I can) and then decide on where to spend.

– telemarketing – It sounds like the costs involved will not justify for our inexpensive product
– direct mail – tried that with very little success
– catalogue distribution – no relevant
– door knocking – no way!
– emailing – tried it – very successfull actually – but bordering illigal
– fax outs – businesses probably hate receiving these more than they hate SPAM emails.
– TV – very expensive and not very targeted
– RADIO – tried it once with zero success

and also:
– website – working
– shop fronts – don’t have one
– newspaper – again not targeted enought for us
– magazine – considering it
– Google CPC – working
– local market – not relevant
– trade stand – tried it yesterday, don’t think I will do it again

Captain Simmo, post: 71391 wrote:
The real success is to spend more advertising dollars on Proactive advertising rather than reactive advertising.

will try to keep this in mind.

Captain Simmo, post: 71391 wrote:
Spend a good chunk of your advertising budget on your existing clients and then set up a referal system… that’s my proactive tip for the day :)

We’re already giving our customer the best service we can, but always looking for ideas to make our product more usefull :-)