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onsiteTECHS, post: 71468 wrote:
I’ve heard only good things about Xero, and I’m thinking about signing up myself.

Does Xero do invoicing as well, or do you need to use something else in addition (I’ve heard that some people use Freshbooks with it, but I’m not sure whether that’s necessary, or just their preference).


Hi John, yes Xero does invoicing – plus you can create quotes & convert these to invoices, you can create different invoice layouts (themes) if you need to, you can set up recurring invoices, you can email invoices to clients (of course) plus you can set up recurring invoices to auto email, and a whole lot more besides.

I wrote a blog post on invoice themes, a few months ago plus there are also lots of other posts on my website outlining some of the features of Xero.

Yes some people do use another application and then integrate this with Xero. Sometimes this is just a preference, sometimes they do it because they need more functionality. A few examples of other apps that integrate for invoicing:

  • Freshbooks for timerecording & invoicing,
  • Internally we use Work Flow Max to manage clients / jobs / staff time, and for those jobs that are charged on a time basis interface this into Xero for invoicing
  • We have a number of clients running Unleashed for more complex inventory management, again invoices raised in Unleashed interface automatically into Xero

So you can use Xero stand alone or with an add on designed to provide exactly what you need in your business.

Like Dan says :) – or maybe even :D!!

Cheers, Rhys