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Thanks a lot for all the thoughts everyone! :)

I’ve always felt that, if you’re a one-man shop, and that has little to nothing to do with how good you are, then by all means advertise it.

Well in theory I am a one-man-shop, however technically the work is done by more than just myself as I subcontract the design work & anything else I’m not experienced with out to other professionals in their field. I manage the project & handle all the programming work.

Hi Condor,

I’ve been wondering when we’d be seeing your site, so it’s great to know it’s underway. I can’t wait to check out your work, especially as I’m such a big fan of your groovy logo.

You might like to have a read of this article by Lucinda Lions: http://www.flyingsolo.com.au/technol…our-about-page

Good luck,

Hi Jayne…. thanks very much for the link. It will be very useful.