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Techalite, post: 71629 wrote:
Hi guys,

I’m wondering if anyone here has had experience with (or has any thoughts on) live chat with site visitors. Basically it allows you (or a team member) to see when someone is visiting your site and start a chat with them via a bit of JavaScript you place on your site.

What I’d like is some opinions of how well this might work in terms of sales. Is initiating a chat with someone who’s browsing your site and asking if they have any questions or just letting them know that you’re there and they can feel free to ask you any questions likely to get them to tell you a bit more about what they need and maybe then help to continue the dialogue over email or phone, or do you think that it might just weird you out that someone else can see when you’re on their site and then try to talk to you when you’re just trying to browse?

We offer live chat for sales, support and billing on our website. Our sales team never initiates a chat session with a person that’s browsing our website. In my opinion, it’s always best to let the customer request a live chat.