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DreamscanbeVisions, post: 71688 wrote:
I’d just love some feedback on any challenges I’d face & how I can surpass them. Like maybe the 5 hardest decisions you had to made, 5 toughest challenges…. & how you conquered it.

Thanks for the responses!

I make a living from what you call “internet marketing”

I own over 400 websites… when I started I though the same thing.

If one site makes me $50 per month… yeah! build 100 and then = $5000 per month.

The problem is… internet marketing is not a desert… it’s a fast river.. and what works for you today it will stop working in 2 months time, 5 months time…

In 2007 Ebay used to pay $50 per new user you refer to them. Once the user created a new ebay account —> $$$$$ you used to get $50 bucks via Ebay Partner network… so me and other 5000 internet marketers we build thousands of sites for Ebay purpose.

One day, Mr Ebay woke up and change the rules and puff!!!! all the ebay sites where simply useless…

Also there is the magic dream of :


You look at a keyword, you look at the number of searches, you get excited, you build a site… you get the traffic and mmm wait… traffic is not even close to google keyword tool numbers? ;)

Lol. welcome to reality.

Making a living from affiliate systems it’s possible… but you need to go where the money is… and where the money is, then you have though competitors.

Personally I realized that the amount of time that takes me to promote a site about “Gladiator shoes” or “Washing Machines” is better to invest in increasing my business or producing my own product.

Example is: I created my own product instead of promoting other’s peoples product (SEOconsultantsecrets.com) and I sold over 130 copies in 2 months… much better investing that promoting other people’s product.

I hope you know why I mean… ;)

Just my 2 cents