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Netboost SEO, post: 71706 wrote:
As you might assume from my nickname, I am an SEO consultant and am rethinking my pricing structures and would love some feedback from FS members.

I am considering 3 plans:

1. Flat monthly rate for 6-12 months – $300(local business) to $6000+(insurance/finance companies) per month depending on complexity of task. Most SEO providers seem to do this one…

2. An upfront payment (or in installations) for a comprehensive SEO and marketing website audit and action plan: including detailed report, consulting. Link building would be charged as an extra. I was thinking $500 to $3000 total depending on complexity of website and detail required by the report.

3. Ongoing consulting that is billed by hours spent. My time at about $125/hr and my associates at $50/hr. The client would be given a breakdown of work done so it would be very accoutnable.

4. Profit sharing (e-commerce or ad sites) where I get 15% of revenue or 25% of profit (client’s choice) based on total online sales (excludes offline purchases. This would be an onoging arrangement where I take care of all online marketing with a term of at least 3 years.

I would be happy to hear from business owners what model would suit them best and why – transparency, accountability, you already know about SEO but just need a little strategic help, cost, etc?

I am also hoping other SEOs will chime in on their past experuiences with various models.


Hi Josh,

I would be more inclined to go with option 4 because:
1) I am a start up with limited budget
2) because it is more of an incentive for you get the site showing in search results
3) I have already given $880 of my tight budget thus far to an “SEO Expert” and am continuously following him up to see what’s been done

I do find the percentages a little steep tho so may need to be determined on a client by client basis.

Hope this helps.