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Yes, I’m also using it as a CRM, I like it because you can automatically link emails and such to the “account” (customer) and you can do history items, such as phone logs and visits and such, which is excellent. You can also link appointments to the client, and categorise as you wish, which I like, although I’d prefer more categories.

I’m actually wondering if I can link this somehow to MYOB, (I have business basics) so that I don’t have to double-enter my client details. I’m also having some hassles in that some MS features are developing compatibility issues with Business Contact Manager (such as Publisher) sometimes they work, sometimes there’s a dialogue box saying it won’t… not really an issue unless you want to use that feature.

I’m actually searching through this forum topic to see if there’s an all-in-one accounts package and CRM which is easy to use for a rank beginner like me, which is acceptable to the ATO and to accountants (when I find one)