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Personally I’d avoid BCM. We’ve had no end of hassles with trying to get Outlook to read BCM files when they’ve had to be reloaded onto the computer. MS does not support it (we’ve the version that came with 2007 whereas they now make you buy it separately) and despite finding lots of comments via Google from people querying how to resolve the same issue we had, no one from MS has posted a fix.

As a non-tecchie in layman’s terms, BCM saves it’s data in two files (data & logfile) which has to sync and we’ve found that we need to get someone who understands SQL to get it to associate. The downtime we’ve experienced as a result of not having access to our data has been very costly. I’m still missing my history and notes! From Paulines comment it also has issues within the Office framework as well. We’re probably going to move to Sage ACT just to get away from another Microsoft blunder should our computer ever need to be reloaded from scratch again. (BTW the other thing we liked about ACT was that you can get an add on which will integrate with MYOB data).