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I have a question,

I have received a personal loan and have now as a shareholder want to give part of this loan to the company to start up.
What is the best way to do this in regards to tax?

I gave a few questions.

If I loan it to the company will I have to personal declare the the whole loan repayment to me as a income? Or just the interest? As I still have to pay the personal loan off myself. Is there a way of not having it effect my personal income?

When the company pays me back in instalments, is the whole amount seen as a deductible expense? (This loan would be paying for the putchase of company assets and setting up a website, advertising etc (start up).

Is it possible to just have gifted the loan to the company as a start up? What are the tax implications of this? Is it now seen as a income of the company and taxes?

Thank you for your help