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Heather Cox
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Beautician, post: 77919 wrote:
I see nothing at all wrong with having an ambition to have and raise children and it saddens me that this is fast becoming something to be ashamed about. In fact, it is because I so dearly want to raise my children is the sole reason behind my foray into a business of my own.

A lot of our clients have started small businesses so that they can choose their hours, work from home, and have more time with their families. The technology now exists for employers to provide methods for their employees to work at home, and many of our clients are doing that as well. The thing I find worrying is the fact that many clients when calling from their home offices apologise for the baby in the background. The baby is the reason why they’re working from home, and using our services as a result, so from our point of view, there’s no reason to apologise.