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Re: Blue Mountains/Penrith Catch Up AGENDA

One of our illustrious leaders (Robert) has given me a suggested agenda for the meeting, starting with the intro for 1-2 minutes maximum each. (You will be timed!) :)

So, can you please think about your intro covering:

Your name
Business name
What you do (in plain english)
Your ideal client
Biggest challenge at present
and then close with:
A recent win – something good in work or life that’s happened very recently

1. Welcome and reminder that
that all interactions should be helpful and polite
– any idea is a good idea

2. Intro (as above) – timed.

3. Suggestions for aim of the group (helping each other, sharing lessons and tips etc.)

4. Summarise challenges and suggestions.

5. Summarise from each person perhaps:

– what did you get from today?
– would you like to meet again?

7. Each person pay their share of the bill.

8. Then agree frequency, next meeting time and date.

And of course business cards to share as normal networking.
Even if we don’t need each other’s services we can always keep the cards on hand for future reference to refer each other.

Bring a notebook if you wish to take notes, but no formal notes will be taken.


Karen C.

PS Other groups are free to use this Agenda.
FS might edit this in the future as a suggestion, but this is a good starting point.