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Pai1nter, post: 81212 wrote:
We run a painting business and our job is affected by weather considerably. On wet days, we can only do interior painting and we have to re-book exterior painting.

Before taking on a job, we usually look at the forecast for the week. If it looks as though it is going to rain, we only book in interior jobs and leave the exterior jobs until the weather forecast suggests that it will be sunny. Even if we do this, some owners of the houses do not want the painting job done on wet days, so there are days where my husband has to rest at home.

May be you should look at the weather forecast and only book in house cleaning jobs for the week that look like it’s going to rain and lawn mowing when sunny.

Thankyou for your reply, we were wondering if there were anyone else in our situation. Just like you we just re-book and work in with our clients and My husband has a rest day to or is able to do maintence on the equipment on those very wet days.