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Hello again

I just though I’d post an update on where I’m at with this. I got about 5 quotes for both cut-out lettering and a full screen cover – they started at $130 and went to just under $400, with the cut-out letters on the cheap end and the full cover on the expensive end.

Long story short, I recently won a vinyl wall sticker for my son’s room, and discovered a great little company called Basement Designs. I asked Dee if she could source some suitable material to do the cut-out version of my logo for exterior use on the car window, and she has gone to great lengths to research the appropriate vinyl through her suppliers and help me find an affordable solution. I will be applying the sign myself, and yes I acknowledge it’s a bit of a gamble given this is a new area of business for Dee, but I have been very happy with the customer service and the committment to making this work. And best yet, I get two copies of my design for $60 plus postage!

Hopefully I’ll have another post in a couple of weeks with the results!

If you’re interested in a similar concept, you can find Basement Designs at the following link on facebook: http://www.facebook.com/basementdesigns