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JayeClissold, post: 74501 wrote:
I agree that you should reduce the secondary menu bar. I’d also stick to one alignment in the footer (probably keep it all left aligned). You should probably increase the contrast in the text slightly. From a SEO perspective it might be worth using a standard font for your page headings because both of your menus are based on images. I feel like the bar on the right of the content is wasted on just having the shopping cart there. You could put images/diagrams in there, or even some of your testimonials.

Hi Jaye thanks for the tips, With the secondary menu bar I really want emphasis to be on those 4 pages as those are most probably the questions most people visiting would be asking themselves. Basically I attract anyone who has heard about the oil by luring them into one of the pages (I learnt part of this from Tina).

With the footer text – Should I reduce the sizes drastically making them all fit from the left to the middle-rightish ? I thought it would be good to have it a 3 column centred layout since these are pages people may like to actually visit within one click hence seeing them without having to put glasses on would be good ? (The majority of my target market is above 40)

I do agree with the sidebar being a waste when only the shopping cart is there & I love the suggestion of having testimonials there thank you!

Perhaps credit card/paypal/bank cheque/etc logos & a subscription form too ? :D
For e.g: “Receive a FREE 5% Coupon!” I’m targetting U.S so I know they like coupons lol

Thanks for the feedback I’ll be sure to adopt some of your suggestions when I get to editing in a few days.