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Jexley, post: 74504 wrote:
I likes, very nice.

A small rollover effect on the big nav wouldn’t hurt. The top nav has neato effects.

Also, for your copy, on this page in particular: http://www.seabuckthornoil.com.au/what-is-sea-buckthorn-oil you should really stick with “writing for the web”.

Bold lines that you want to stand out.

And make:

  • Bulleted
  • Lists
  • Where
  • Applicable

As these things, and other font treatments, really make your main points stand out while breaking…


…the text so it’s more readable for the web user.

Great site though, I can think of nothing harsh to say.

Thanks for the feedback Jexley I’m glad you like the little effects for the top nav menus. I’ll see what I can do about maybe having a nice effect for the 2nd nav bar too.

That’s been in the back of my mind since making the site. Does it seem very repetitive with just nothing but novel style text ?
…I should jazz things up & have bullet points, some graphs comparing the nutrients in SBT oil & other oils & a font make-over. It seems the font really is a big issue, I never even though about it really.

Thanks again