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Alex Honey: Int Design, post: 74547 wrote:
Congrats on site.

Can we compromise and go for an honest criticism?

I would agree with previous comments about the height of the Grey banner, I think some kind of movement would be good too.

On to other things, I find there is a bit to much reflection effect happening, it looks great on the logo, but with it being in the text on the bottles and on the bottles themselves I feel like I’m starting to have double vision – can sea buck thorn help with that?

Add to that the image of the bottles being a bit low res or something there is a loss of crispness.

The thing I’m curious about is the samples of the product – if I was in your potential market that would be something I’d go for and it could be a great way to build a data base … if you want one that is.

I hope that wasn’t too harsh, because its a great looking site and you should feel proud happy with it.

Hi there thank you for your feedback, Your idea of having movement is actually a great idea, thank you! What would you suggest though.. the main image on the front page would it be nice to have it a slide or perhaps something else should be in motion ?

I didn’t notice the reflection thing but now that you’ve told me I kind of find it annoying so I know what you mean. Sorry I don’t think SBT can help with that lol thanks for making me laugh hahaha :D

Yes the image is may seem like they’re not that high in res but it may be the camera too. I don’t have a fancy camera & am not looking to invest in one at this time so the images have basically just been edited in photoshop. Hopefully they aren’t too off-putting as I did notice myself the blurryness.

You’re right on with a sample & I’ve actually got a sample available but I guess it’s just in a really bad place: Checkout > Try a sample

I’m thinking of having the large image on the homepage a slide & then having the sample as one of the slides.

This may take me some time but I’ll be sure to think about doing it as it be great to offer something to those who are just not too sure.

Thanks again