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SW123, post: 0 wrote:
its diificult to judge – can you prove that paid links are bad.


I can’t believe that someone that SELLS SEO,can write something like this…

Can I prove that paid links are bad?

The answer is: Yes. I can prove they are bad.

Specially when a company buys links in such an obvious way that took me 3 seconds to find them.

1st you leave a huge foot print, just use SEO spy Glass and look at the links you create/purchased Steve… many of them come from what? Blog Farms… blogs with high page rank that the only reason to exist is to pass Google juice.

so the question is: what happen when someone reports all the paid links, report all the farms… what happens when you get slapped because you are just building page rank from paid links.

these are links that will not survive eternity , they only survive until YOU KEEP PAYING for them.

Is that what GOOD SEO it’s all about? To build a network of paid links?
What’s the difference between that an PPC …. keep paying per month to keep you ranked…?

Funny. My approach towards SEO it’s a bit more original .