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Progress report: two weeks on and we haven’t had a response to the solicitors letter. As much as our lawyer says we’ve got a good case, it’s simply not worth the expense of pushing this matter further.

I’m going to take on the advice given earlier in this thread and will contact the OCBA asking that they deregister the business name – based on a couple bits of evidence of the other party not trading any longer. I’m not sure there’s much value in the business name though as I’ve since learned there may be some creditors out there so maybe it’s not worth taking on their ‘reputation’. We’ll probably make a decision about this over the weekend. As I’ve got a printout of the customer database I’ll just write a letter introducing ourselves and our services and start afresh.

I think the best advice gleaned from those who replied to this thread is to look at this situation logically rather than emotionally and set a $$$ limit in regards to the legal expenses. It’s easy to pick a fight – even when you’re in the right, but harder to assess when to walk away.