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Shaukat Adam Khalid
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in the info age, anything more than a fortnight and you are wasting your time.

u might be thinking about newsletters like the old days > multiple pages. consider sending out an e-zine. 1 pager or even half a pager.

be regular and stay fresh. dont try to be a newspaper. you dont even need to have a newsletter. just send one short 200 word article every 3 days.

u dont have to write the article. look around and when you find something, share it and give credit to the author.

as long as the content is interesting, people don’t mind. u get complaints when it’s 95% sales and 5% content.

most newsletters stop after the 3rd issue because the business owner is trying to replicate a publisher.

keep it simple. drip feed content every few days and you’ll be considered a welcome guest instead of annoying pest.

i subscribe to all the top US internet marketers and i get bite sized content regularly. takes me less than 3 minutes and i learn something.

consider getting on the list of strategic profits and glazer-kennedy. they do a lot of testing on what works and what doesn’t in retaining and acquiring new clients via e-newsletters.