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T j Turner, post: 82035 wrote:
How often should a newsletter come out. I was thinking of sending it out every 3 months so it will give me some time to work on some ideas.

I was also thinking of having a competition and putting upcoming events into the newsletter as well.

I am now finally starting on my first newsletter

Hi Tj,

I would make it weekly. In general, the more frequent, the better. This works for a few reasons:

1. Hardly anyone else is communicating to their customers on a regular basis (BIG MISTAKE)
2. You have more chances to position yourself as an expert the more frequently you communicate with them,
3. You have more chances to build on your trust with your customer the more frequently your communicate with them.

By doing it every three months, you’re not hitting them frequently enough. There is a chance that they may forget who you are.