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T j Turner
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Alex Honey: Int Design, post: 82067 wrote:

I think your plan to start a newsletter is great. I’d say it would be especially worthwhile to give a human face and persoanlity or personal association for an on-line business.

I use iContact


for my database and newsletter. I cant judge it against anything else as its all Ive used. However I found it really easy to set up the original newsletter template which is then totally able to be customised with colour, logo, anything really.

Saving drafts, editing adding images and controling contact lists etc is all really easy too. Plus they offer good on line chat help.

There are some costs, I forget what they are … which probably goes to show I think Im getting great value!

As for content I think most of the posts give you great suggestions. However for my two cents worth I would start at monthly and just see how you go. It can be easy to think we will be able to do more than we really can or have time for.

Far better to be monthly every month than 3 times a week for three weeks and then random because you are overwhelmed or too busy.

One other thing I think would be good is to include an image of you in there somewhere. It just helps on a basic human recognition level and after all people buy from people.

So there you go I hope that helps in some way. I’m sure you’ll benefit from all your efforts – Good Luck

Are iContact very easy to use and how do I put something on my website for my customers to subscribe to