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John Judd
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No follow, as has been mentioned, does not stop search engine bots from following the links. In fact I believe Google has stated that the links are always followed, and may also still pass some link juice along to the followed page.

Captcha’s are also not foolproof. I’ve seen code published online by ahem, certain groups, that will do Optical Character Recognition on captcha’s with a fairly decent success rate.

There are only two ways to properly prevent bots from following on-site links.

The first is the robots.txt file that you have in the root directory of your website. You can set it up to disallow some or all pages on the site. Robots.txt is still not conclusive as it is more of a suggestion to robots. The major search engines are apparently pretty good at obeying this instruction, but others aren’t.

There is also a way to use the htaccess file which should stop anyone, to block the IP addresses identified as being from a robot from accessing any or all pages of your website. This is a pretty advanced technique though.

Hope this helps.