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PawsForLife, post: 76861 wrote:
Hey all,

We are about to launch a new marketing campaign and I’m just doing a little digging on costs and options.

Has anyone had a great experience with an online print company? Looking at printing in the 5,000 – 10,000 range of flyers, some business card sized pieces and a few other bits and pieces.

All colour, nice finish etc.

I have used Vista Print in the past and wasn’t overwhelmed by their service.

Have noticed CMYK Colour Online look competitive on pricing, anyone had any experience with them?


Hey, My names Ben. I have just started a website which gets multiple quotes from printing companies in your area. This makes the price very competitive!

My website: http://www.printerboy.com.au

My service is free from start to finish for you. Once you pick a printing company simply award them the job and pay them directly ( I charge the printing company a small fee for organisation of the job.)

I would love you to have a go of my service.

Kind regards
Owner & Operator