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peppie, post: 77174 wrote:
Sorry Simon, I have to be honest and say I question your figures. even though you appear to be involved in the tax area – this is not the sort of advice I have been getting. (But then, I have been thinking of changing my accountant!!!)

I would wonder just what sort of business asset could possibly have a useful life of more than 25 years. Your depreciation figure for under that is not standard for all. The sort of gear I use these days has a much shorter useful life span and should be more like 22% or more. I also wonder about your figure of up to $1000.

I am sorry to have to say, but I have found too much over the years that private tax/accountancy advice has to be checked. And the reason I am thinking of changing accountant is simply because I have lost faith in the quality of advice I have been receiving. I have gotten to the point where I think I need to know as much as the “professional” so I can be in the position of knowing whether the advice I receive is correct!

Not wishing to sound like an antagonist Simon, but I really don’t think your response is quite correct or helpful.

simon’s answer is stated on ATO website.