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Hey Kristy,

Ive actually been looking into a bookkeeper as well :). I have been researching a few, and I stumbled across a bookkeepers blog. These bookkeepers are balled Bookkeeping Partners, and the part of their blog that was actually really interesting and taught me a lot more about what bookkeepers do.

This blog says that, “not all bookkeepers offer the same services. Good bookkeepers should be skilled in…” I didnt even realize all the different things that bookkeepers do.

The other thing I really liked about this website is that they say no matter which bookkeeper does your work, you will always have consistancy and recieved accurate and reliable reports regularly. To me, consistancy is so important, especially when starting a new business.

Check out the blog, http://www.bpartners.com.au/blog/ it might teach you a little bit more about what to look for in a bookkeeper.