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Steve_Minshall, post: 77503 wrote:
No its much dumber than that. I believe Telstra/Sensis aquired Trading Post in 2004. Ebay had long been a house hold name by then:D:):D🙂

From what I remember from the media at the time, the idea was that they could get economies from combining the massive printing requirements of both TP and YPBook. They have certainly saved on printing costs for TP now.

What does interest me though is that despite Ebays success for online classified, TP online is still the go-to place for selling cars. I would be interested to find out why this one thing appears to be succesful based on traffic (I have no idea if it is financially succesful compared to aquisition costs, etc).

Do you really think tradingpost still gets results? maybe just for car parts or offine?

I thought that the tradingpost had died offline and online.. they are now http://www.alexa.com/siteinfo/www.tradingpost.com.au rank 213 in oz, They should scrap the listing fees, carsales.com.au is worth over a billion dollars.

I want to develop my website in the car sales and auto parts CarFind.com.au market but yeah lack of funds and time…