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We spent a small fortune on YP a few years back – what a damn waste of money that was. 15k for a year worth of advertising and there is absolutely no measure of how much benefit that provides to your business (what a learning curve that was).

Id go with a basic listing on YP online with a link through to your website – at least it should give you some benefit from an SEO perspective.

Go with something that you can measure specifically so you can see what is and isn’t working.

YP also locks you in for a year – a lot can change in a year. Going with adwords or any other form of online advertising will be more suitable to any changes that may arise in your business – be they good or bad! If you are locked in to a 12month contract to pay for your YP ad… and things go bad… they wont care. They wont let you stop payments, or refund your money etc etc.