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Hi John,

Thanks again for the great info. I didn’t know that about the ones at MSY.
Another of my fav bloggers Paul Thurrott, did a good review on the E420s, which he bought to replace a MacBook Air. You might enjoy it: http://www.winsupersite.com/article/windows-7/lenovo-thinkpad-edge-420s-136224

He also really likes it and confirms the quality aspects, too.

BTW, the late night sale is on again tonight! Saw on twitter: http://bit.ly/iyF4Zu. The only problem is that I priced up an Edge and the 9 cell battery delays shipping by 4 weeks. Might still get it though. I can’t live with the 6 cell.

Thanks again

IT Advocate, post: 78119 wrote:
Happy to be of service, Apress.

Pity about timing, you just missed the 40% sale they ran Friday till Sunday, some really good savings.

The 520 has a numeric keypad while the 420 does not. Also, the 520 is 15.6″ while the 420 is 14″, which is a pretty big size differential.

FYI Dont buy those Lenovos at MSY, they are not Thinkpads, but the lower grade consumer class products. Good for the price, but not Thinkpad quality.

The Thinkpad T series offers a longer battery life and the TPM – Trusted Platform Module, which is required if you want to run Bitlocker drive encryption.

The Edge has a 9cell battery upgrade option, but no TPM.

The T most likely is a better machine, but will you see a return on investment for the extra money?

I couldn’t actually identify an inferior part to the Edge.
Generally with entry level laptops there is a dodgy screen or flimsy chassis, the Edge does not present with either of these.

If the Edge meets your technical specs then go for it. Get the 9 cell battery, and onsite warranty. Bundle as much as you can together to increase value for money.

If you need any other help or advice let me know. Im around here generally, but if u want fast answers, try my email or tweet me.