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JohnW, post: 78527 wrote:
Hi Dan,
QUICK! Take the $100 before people realise it’s value as a SE magnet is questionable.

Google has not and will not even index the current Home page of this old site. It can’t be found if you search Google for “Connect Media Group”.

I don’t know where you got this PR5 measurement. The Yahoo reported links to it are expired or irrelevent.

Can someone please explain to me what SE value this site has? Can someone please prove to me that reported “PR” page rank is anything but a set of numbers used by the sellers of SEO software to justify their program cost.


JohnW is right:
The site in mention will drop the PR in the next update…

Now.. if the question is: Does an an anchor link from a page rank 5 site – (do follow link) – has any SEO – rank-pulling value?

My answer is: Yep.