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IronMaiden, post: 78505 wrote:
Whoa guys, Shaun lost me with the above detail. I know the basics and that’s about it. I have WordPress blog attached to our website and a couple of days ago found a heap of files (php & html) in the same directory as the blog (public.html). We phoned our web host immediately and they were going to refer it to their Sys Admin. I received an email about 10 minutes later asking for details but we havent heard from them since. I’ve even tweeted them with no response – twice. Between my OH and I we worked out which were the sus files and have deleted them but have assumed that the access was via WordPress as we hadnt updated to the latest version and there were some known security issues. Everything is now updated.

I’m really unhappy with NetRegistry not getting back to us and doubt they will. Seems they’re not interested in their customers who were migrated over from MD Webhosting who are paying less than their current basic rates.

In respect to the chmod’g I’d like to learn more … step by step though :) Please be gentle and take it slow!


You are able to set the permissions on files and folders through cPanel’s file manager or FTP. In cPanel’s file manager, you can right click on a folder or file and select “Permissions”. You’ll then be presented with a few tick boxes, and below will be 3 numbers. It is recommended to set folders to 755 and files to 644 if your web host is running suPHP.